2point1 helps kasi artists

Famous duo, 2point1, wants the best for unknown singers..
Famous duo, 2point1, wants the best for unknown singers..

HOUSE duo 2point1 wants to uplift local musicians.

Prince Baloyi (31) and Moeketsi Rathebe (33) told Daily Sun they had received many requests from up-and-coming artists to work and learn from them.

The two musicians from Welkom, Free State, who are known for their hit Stimela, said they realised many people had talent but not connections.

Prince said they decided to do studio sessions with young artists and to take them to gigs to help them get exposure.

He said they featured some of them in an upcoming project.

He said they believed in building up young talent wherever they could.

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“We don’t hold seminars but through our gigs, we get to meet different people who ask advice from us.

“That’s how we inspire and share knowledge,” said Moeketsi.

He said their latest project, Stimela, was inspired by Hugh Masekela’s hit.

“It has always been our dream to push up-and-coming artists who want to see themselves in the music industry.

“Most of our songs feature vocalists from our kasi who have never been heard before,” said Moeketsi.

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He told the People’s Paper that he believed there was enough talent in their kasi that they didn’t have to look elsewhere for featured vocalists.

He said it was great to help people at home.

“We are inspired by many artists but most of them are from Gauteng and KZN. It’s very rare to see artists from small towns making it in the music industry,” said Prince.

He said they wanted to show young artists it was possible to make it in the industry, despite where they came from.

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