AKA's Mass Country is finally out!

Kiernan "AKA" Forbes' album, Mass Country, has been released. Photo from Instagram
Kiernan "AKA" Forbes' album, Mass Country, has been released. Photo from Instagram

THE much-anticipated album by the late rapper, AKA, is finally out!

The album, Mass Country, was released on Friday, 24 February.

AKA, whose real name was Kiernan Forbes, died while he was getting ready to promote the album.

He had already released a few singles from the new album, and was promoting them on social media platforms before his death.

The rapper was shot and killed outside a restaurant on Florida Road in Durban. During his memorial service, his family promised his fans that they will release his music and make sure his legacy lives on.

Mass Country features artists such as Sjava, Nasty C, and Emtee.

Nhlanhla “Nivo” Ndimande, AKA’s co-manager, said they have been working on this project for years. He said the musician wanted to create an album that Mzansi and his fans wanted and would cherish.

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“As he’s done throughout his career by carrying the flag with him wherever he went, the Supa Mega wanted to create an album that sounded like home. An album for the masses of the country,” said Nivo.

"His family is fulfilling his dreams and goals by sharing his album with his fans and the response is great, so far."

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Twitter users could not get enough of the album.

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