WATCH: Tikoloshi hitmaker's a musical genius!

DJ Dazz-B said he learnt to produce music at the age of 10. Photo by Kgalalelo Tlhoaele
DJ Dazz-B said he learnt to produce music at the age of 10. Photo by Kgalalelo Tlhoaele

DAZZ-B is not only a musician, but has an ear for good music.    

Obakeng Kekana (22) from Soshanguve, Tshwane, is the producer of the 2020 hit song Tikoloshi and has also remixed Emazulwini by DJ Ganyani. 

With its catchy bassline and drums, Tikoloshi became a hit in Mzansi and across the borders. 

Dazz-B is a versatile music instrument player.  

He told the Daily Sun that his love of music started when he was 10 years old.  

“My brother was a DJ and he taught me how to make music. When he had a lot of gigs, he would allow me to play at some of his gigs,” he said.  

He said he learnt to make beats with a smartphone in 2011. 

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“I used to download apps with drums and instruments on my mother's phone to create music.   

"My mum bought me my first smartphone, and I used it to create beats,” he said.  

He said it was difficult because apps were limited.  

“It was a lot of processes. So, my dad bought me my first PC and now creativity is easier,” he said.  

He said he also uses instruments for his work.  

“I play the guitar, keyboard, violin, flute, harmonica, and I taught myself,” he said.  

Dazz-B said when he produced his first hit in 2018, he was surprised by the love he received.  

“It was a remix of DJ Ganyani's Emazulwini, and it did well. I just decided to take the original song and remixed it," he said.  

He said that he also has a recording label called Dazz-B.  

The multi-talented producer is part of a group called Xingondo alongside Piet “Tonik Oliver” Shibanda (Tonik Oliver) and Tshepo “H.o-stage” Mahlangu.  

Dazz-B said music is his life.  

"Talent, love and passion keep me going." 

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