Bontle’s good deeds recognised

Bontle Chauke wants to change her community for the better.
Bontle Chauke wants to change her community for the better.

GROWING up in a community that is undermined and underrated, Bontle Chauke wants to break the cycle.

The 21-year-old author, poet, inspirational speaker, radio and TV host, event MC and events planner from Soshanguve, Tshwane said she wants to use her gifts and talents to bring change and dignity to her community.

She recently received a humanitarian award for her good deeds.

“This award was given to me after being recognised as someone who makes a difference in the community through my NPO called Well of Life Youth Foundation. The foundation travels to different communities in Gauteng providing soup kitchens and adopting families that we buy groceries for every month. We also donate sanitary pads to girls and give free haircuts to people every month. I am super excited and encouraged about the award because to me it’s confirmation that I am on the right path and the work that I am doing is indeed touching and impacting many lives,” she said.

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Bontle has a burning passion for helping people. She also works with other entities such as Khuluma Afrika Speak Afrika Magazine, Thusanang, Something Poetic, and many others.

“The work of serving the community started when I identified one family in the community that had a need which led me to try to find organisations that can assist.

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“And to my surprise, I realised that many organisations are more focused on orphanages, old age homes and street kids, but what about those in our communities? I felt so fulfilled after I met that need and that’s when I knew I found my purpose,” she said.

Despite the challenges she had with gathering resources, she has a dream of building a successful youth centre in her kasi where every need in the community will be met.

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