Death cut Mina Nawe singer's dreams short!

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Nkosinathi 'Carlo' Mpanza died on Friday after months of being ill.
Nkosinathi 'Carlo' Mpanza died on Friday after months of being ill.

THE late Mina Nawe singer, Carlo, was working on new music and planning a solo comeback.

He was also producing albums for musician Speedy and Zimbabwean singer, Mr. Jeys Marabini, at the time of his death. 

The musician, whose real name was Nkosinathi Mpanza (41), died on Friday, 3 March after months of being ill.

His death comes two years after the death of fellow group member, Zanele "Mazet" Maseko, who died in 2020.

Carlo's brother, Nkosiphambili Molapisi, confirmed the news of his death on Saturday, 4 March.

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“He was sick. He went to Zimbabwe in October for two weeks. He was working with a musician called Jeys Marabini. He was consulting for his album, and was an executive producer,” he said.   

Nkosiphambili said Carlo was working on about five projects.

“He was still doing music. He was working on Speedy’s project and also working on Nhlanhla Mafu’s project. He was also working on his solo album as well. There was a project he was working on for Mina Nawe as well. They were almost done with that and it was going to be their final album,” he said.

Former Bongo Maffin singer Speedy said he is heartbroken by Carlo’s death. 

“I was close to Carlo. I met him in 2006. He’s been working with me on every song since I met him. He co-wrote everything that I did, even the project I did in 2021. I’ve basically lost someone who has been with me for years,” he said.

“I am saddened by his passing. I had been talking to him every week since he was sick and I’ve been close with the family. I’ve been in touch them with them. I’ll make sure I keep his legacy going. And I have some music that we haven’t released and I’ll release to make sure his kids benefit."

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The remaining member of Mina Nawe, Candid “Manchild” Shaw, said: “Honestly, it’s quite daunting to lose two partners in two years. It’s not easy, but I know they would’ve wanted me to continue and be positive. I’m not handling it well. Carlo was like my brother. We shared everything together and to have him leave like that it's heartbreaking."

Manchild said they were finishing up their album at the time of his death. 

“We were actually in studio. After Mazet’s passing, we wanted to celebrate her. Now I have to celebrate both of them. It’s quite sad. We were adding our finishing touches on the album and it should be coming out soon.

“The music we did should be heard by the world. I won’t be selfish with it. In the coming months, I’ll get back to studio to make a tribute for both of them,” he said.

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