Durban Gen actress disappoints haters!

Nelisiwe Sibiya is proud that she managed to 'kill' her character on Durban Gen.
Nelisiwe Sibiya is proud that she managed to 'kill' her character on Durban Gen.

ACTRESS Nelisiwe Sibiya is proud of herself for not disappointing on her difficult and complicated character she played on Durban Gen since 2020.

Nelisiwe showed great acting skills when she played the character of a medical doctor and a sangoma at the same time. 

The 31-year-old actress from Eskhaleni, KZN, said she is grateful to God for giving her strength because many people thought she would fail to play the complicated character.

Durban Gen has come to an end after three years on, and it will be replaced by the new show called Nikiwe, starting on Monday, 17 April.

She said at the beginning it was difficult because many people believed she would fail to deliver her best.

“Many people, including some of the actors and actresses in the industry, told me I didn't deserve to play one of the leading characters.

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“Others told me they were supposed to be casted for that character, not me,” she said.

Nelisiwe said haters made her work harder playing the role and she has now proven them wrong. 

“I thank God for leading me to overcome that big challenge and pressure for three years, because the show was created based on my character.

“I will always be grateful to Durban Gen for giving me the opportunity to showcase my acting talent. I learnt many things because the show required us to do more research as it was focused on what is happening at hospitals.

“I'm also happy that I was able to play a character of both a medical doctor and a sangoma. I was the one who suggested that the producers should introduce a sangoma character on the show."

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