Gloria has a loving message!

Gloria Bosman’s latest project, Gloria Bosman Live, is dropping at the end of this month.
Gloria Bosman’s latest project, Gloria Bosman Live, is dropping at the end of this month.

A new, self-titled album, Gloria Bosman Live, is on its way.

This album by Gloria Bosman is an Afro-jazz album with 11 songs.

The album is ready but it will only be released on 28 February, and it will be available in all digital stores. On the album, Gloria dedicated a song to her grandchild, Lisakhanya, and another to her late parents.

“The song is titled Lisakhanya and it’s very close to heart. I love my grandchild very much and I want this song to be a constant reminder for her, even when I am no longer around,” she said.

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“The song, Thandabazali, is dedicated to my late parents and everyone who still has parents. This is a very special song for me because I don’t owe them anything. I showed them love while they were still alive,” she said.

She said the sound of the album is not different from her previous albums. “Those who know my sound will realise that it’s fresh but I maintained an old sound. I did not want to lose my loyal followers,” she said.

She described the album as “a family-oriented album and the overall message of it is love”.

“Ironically, I am releasing it in the month of love, February. This album is self-titled because I wanted to share love with my followers and everyone else. I wanted to remind people to care and love one another, to love our families, love our kids, our friends, and our partners. It reminds people about the journey of love,” said Gloria.

“The album also teaches us to be grateful for everything that happens in our lives.”

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She said the album would not have been possible without the help of her band, which includes keyboardist and co-producer Ludwe Danxa, guitarist Nathan Carolus, electric and double bassist Dalisu Ndlazi, drummer Rob Watson, trumpeter and flugelhornist Lwanda Gogwana, and tenor saxophonist Sisonke Xonti.

“I’d also like to thank Sampra (South African Music Performance Rights Association) Development Fund, ConcertSA and AMPD Studios for supporting me on this album,” she said.

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