NOMATHEMBA! Let the kids come to me!

Members of Everlasting Joy wants to inspire fellow young people to live a positive life.
Members of Everlasting Joy wants to inspire fellow young people to live a positive life.

EVERLASTING Joy is a dynamic gospel group made up of young people.

The groups' aim is to spread the word of God through music and not allow drugs and crime to ruin them.

The group is from Welbedatch in the south of Durban, KZN and has 14 members aged between eight and 35.

Everlasting Joy was founded in 2019 by Nomathemba Gumede to keep young people off the streets. 

They released their ten-track debut album titled Yehlisa Umoya, asking God to release his spirit to protect the youth and children.

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The group's founder, Nomathemba Gumede, told SunBuzz she formed the group after noticing that her kasi was heavily affected by drugs and crime.

“Since we started the group, we see a big difference as these 14 members are out on the streets preaching the word of God to others to bring them closer to the Lord.

“We wanted to make a difference in our community by keeping kids off the streets and preventing them from being exposed to drugs," she said.

She said the group currently performs in small events and funerals in Durban, but would like to one day perform on big stages and have their music heard on the radio and TV.

Nomathemba said they are preparing to release their first music video as they have finished filming.

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