Dr Winnie Mashaba celebrates 25-year milestone!

Gospel legend Dr Winnie Mashaba will celebrate her milestone at Meropa Casino in Polokwane on 20 May. Photo Instagram.
Gospel legend Dr Winnie Mashaba will celebrate her milestone at Meropa Casino in Polokwane on 20 May. Photo Instagram.

SHE’S been in the gospel industry for over two decades, and it calls for a celebration.  

Multiple award-winning gospel singer Dr Winnie Mashaba is celebrating 25 years in the music industry this year.   

Since launching her music career, Mashaba has released 18 albums. 

Kea Letshaba Lefase, Ditebogo, Moporofeta Jeremiah and Relebogile, are some of the albums she has released over the years. 

Mashaba won Best Traditional Gospel Artist at the Limpopo Music Awards in 2019, Best Female Artist at the Crown Gospel Awards in 2010, and One Gospel Best Song of the Year award for Hakena Nako in 2008.   

She will celebrate her milestone at Meropa Casino in Polokwane, Limpopo on 20 May during her Relebogile Tour.  

The singer will be taking guests on a fulfilling journey with her joyful music.  

“As a little girl, all I dreamt of being was a singer, performing on the biggest stages and seeing myself on TV, all of which have come to fruition,” said Mashaba.  

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Gospel legend Dr Winnie Mashaba will celebrate her milestone at Meropa Casino in Polokwane on 20 May.

She started her career in 1998 while in grade 11 when gospel singer, Solly Moholo, took her under his wing.  

Mashaba told Daily Sun that 25 years in the music industry is a sample of God’s perfect plan for her life.  

“It is a humbling feeling to have been here to witness the transformation of the music industry altogether, and yet it still excites me to make more music as if I just entered the music business.   

“They say when you do what you love and are passionate about, you won’t feel any pressure, competition and all sorts of things that might break your spirit of becoming a better version of yourself. I feel highly favoured by the Almighty God,” she said.   

She said the journey was not smooth.  

“I came across challenges that could have ended my music journey prematurely, including piracy, exploitation and more, but the fire kept burning,” she said.   

Mashaba said she had invited a few of her colleagues to share the stage with her as she celebrates this milestone.  

“This is honestly 100% Dr Winnie Mashaba brand moment, and I have prepared more than 25 songs for my fans and a bit of a flavour on the show that I can’t give all the details about because I will be spoiling the Mega surprises during the tour,” she said.   

Mashaba is urging up-and-coming artists to always stay humble. 

She said they should also focus on building their brands, love what they do and not celebrate prematurely. 

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