God will deal with them - gospel legend

 Legendary gospel musician Hlengiwe Mhlaba rocking a MaXhosa dress on stage.
Legendary gospel musician Hlengiwe Mhlaba rocking a MaXhosa dress on stage.

LEGENDARY gospel musician Hlengiwe Mhlaba has finally broken her silence.

This after she was bullied, body shamed and made fun of on social media.

The Uyalalela hitmaker said those making fun of her will reap what they have sown, and God will deal with them.

It all started when Hlengiwe was wearing a R28 000 MaXhosa dress when she was performing with Joyous Celebration at the Durban ICC on 9 April.

People started saying she wasted her money as the dress doesn't suit her.

Hlengiwe said she's been mocked many times in the past. She said she she has managed to ignore her haters in the past but this time it was heartbreaking.

"This time I felt more pain from cyberbullying and body shaming. Although I don’t focus on it, I'm a human being and all pain goes straight to the heart.

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"What people do is make fun of us. They forget that we are also human and have families who also get hurt over what they do," she said.

She said she wants this bullying to end with her and not continue to the other people, especially children as they might not be as strong as her.

"Other people can commit suicide for this. Those who are making fun of me, they must know that they are sowing, and they will reap what they have sown.

"Although they might not reap what they have sown. Their next generation will reap it on their behalf and be punished for their sins," she said.

The screenshot making the rounds of gospel singer Hlengiwe Mhlaba's dress on social media.

Hlengiwe said it's strange because people used to mock her, saying she doesn't wear fashionable clothes and when she finally does, they are still criticise her. 

"It was not my first time wearing Maxhosa clothes because I want to wear labels owned by Mzansi’s black people to support them.

"I was happy wearing the dress, a watch and sneakers manufactured here in South Africa by Mzansi’s businesspeople. But these people don’t see all of that," she said. 

She said people should learn and accept that she will not change the way God created her body.

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