Dr John Kani on making it Oorkant!

Dr John Kani while attending the Los Angeles Premiere of Murder Mystery 2 in Los Angeles, California.
Dr John Kani while attending the Los Angeles Premiere of Murder Mystery 2 in Los Angeles, California.

LEGENDARY actor, Dr John Kani is enjoying the fame that comes with starring on some of the biggest films in Hollywood.  

In the past five years, he’s starred in Black Panther and The Lion King. Now, he recently starred in one of Netflix’s biggest films, Murder Mystery 2 starring alongside Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Enrique Arce.

The actor said he cannot even cross the street without having fans approach him. 

“You are amazed when you walk on the red carpet because the American audiences are aware of who you are and what work you’ve done. Someone would come to me and say they saw a play I did in 1977 and ask for my autograph. Others say they know me as Rafiki on The Lion King, and some from Black Panther. 

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"They really do their research on finding out who you are, what you’ve done, and appreciate you. I can’t even cross the street. Whenever I’m working abroad, I always have security. Sometimes you get that I really do want to speak to a fan that approaches me, but the security doesn’t allow it because he puts my safety first,” Dr Kani laughs. 

He shared that he will be filming two big international movies in the coming months. 

Speaking to Daily Sun about being part of Murder Mystery, Dr Kani said he was thrilled when he got the call.  

“I was surprised years back when I got a call from my agent saying Adam Sandler would like me to join him for Murder Mystery. At the time, I asked ‘Which Adam?’ and my agent said ‘Adam the comedian.’ However, I thought I was too serious for a comedy, but I did it anyway and had the greatest of times," the star said. 

“We filmed in Montreal, London, Rome, Geneva, and Italy. Then, about eighteen months ago, I got another call from Adam himself this time telling me there’s Murder Mystery 2. We shot in Hawaii, and from there, we went to Paris,” he said. 

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