Committee puts Radio 2000 on blast!

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Chairman of the Langa Centennial Planning Committee, China Mpololo, has slammed Radio 2000.
Chairman of the Langa Centennial Planning Committee, China Mpololo, has slammed Radio 2000.

THE Langa Centennial Planning Committee (LCPC) has lodged a complaint with SABC bosses. 

They accused Radio 2000 of only mentioning Sharpville Massacre and ignoring or excluding the Langa Massacre.

They have since written an open letter and complained about the radio station. 

The committee's spokesman, China Mpololo, told Daily Sun they are concerned about the "deliberate mentioning of the Sharpville Massacre of 21 March 1960 only in the advert and the exclusion of the Langa Massacre, 30 March 1960".

In this letter, they said they recognised the events that led to the loss of people's lives on 21 March as they protested and fought the evil and inhumane system of apartheid.

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"We must, however, caution you and the institution you lead against unintentional distortion and erasure politics that have been part of our history decades under the apartheid government. The SABC is not just a broadcaster but an important agent in this narrative that seeks to empower our people, deconstruct, destroy the legacy and false narrative of the apartheid regime and the deeply entrenched white superior mentality complex," reads the letter.

China said they were therefore pleading with Radio 2000 to ensure their reporting was accurate, balanced and fair.

"We do not expect them to mention in their reporting every incident, but there are critical moments and leaders that if ignored, it becomes easy to be unintentionally erased from the memories

SABC spokeswoman Mmoni Seapolelo said: "Radio 2000 management can confirm that an editorial decision was made to focus on the Sharpeville Massacre at that specific moment. It must also be noted that content is strategically scheduled across various SABC platforms, as a result other platforms covered Langa Massacre."

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