Jessica's powerful words a HIT oorkant!

Renowned poet and musician, Jessica Mbangeni, wants to see global peace.
Renowned poet and musician, Jessica Mbangeni, wants to see global peace.

POET and musician, Jessica Mbangeni, is happy to be a global peace ambassador.

She is travelling to different countries to spread the message of peace through her poems and music.

Jessica recently returned from Argentina, where she performed at a private wedding and will leave Mzansi again on Friday, 28 April to Hong Kong in China.

Jessica, who is also a bishop, told Daily Sun her aim is to create peace in all countries using her poems and music.

“For the past few years, I've been spending most of my time performing overseas. Overseas people love our sound as Africans," she said.

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She said this year, 15 countries have confirmed her performances and she expects others to also confirm.

“On 13 May, I will perform in Trinidad during a Mother’s Day concert while other countries like the US, Italy and Colombia have also confirmed my performances.

“When I resigned from the Soweto Gospel Choir in 2005, I thought that travelling the world was over because I used to travel with the choir. But I now know it was God’s plan to travel alone and spread peace,” she said.

Jessica said her dream is to see global peace without any war. 

“The combination of being a praise singer, bishop and musician is God’s plan to use me as a tool to stop wars and promote peace.

“My work is to spread peace while spreading the word of God as bishop. Travelling many countries helps me find more people because the work of a poet is to spread peace,” she said.

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