Sandra and Theo sent packing on BBTitans!

Sandra has been evicted.
Sandra has been evicted.

BIG Brother Titans has eliminated their first housemates from the show.

It’s been exactly two weeks since the reality game show started and Sandra and Theo Traw (Santheo) have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Santheo was up against Juicy Jay and Olivia (Juiovla), Justin and Yvonne (Juvone) and Yemi Cregx and Nelisa (Yelisa).

They were disappointed to leave the house.

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Speaking to host Lawrence Maleka, Theo said: “I’m just lost for words. I wanted to stay a little longer, to help myself more. But God had other plans, so it’s all good.”

Sandra said her housemates felt threatened by her.

“I was stepping on toes and cracking necks,” she said.

While some people were shocked and unhappy about the eviction, some said they knew Santheo would be evicted.

Twitter user Tubatse_Noko said it’s no surprise that Santheo is evicted.

“People are acting surprised that SanTheo left and they’re blaming Theo. They’re both to blame,” she wrote.

ItGyal! wrote: “Personally, I hate predictable evictions. We all knew Santheo would be leaving. I like to be so shocked after the eviction show that I think about it the whole week.”


TabsSuubi said she can’t believe Santheo was evicted.

“#BBTitians2023 Hmmm I still can’t believe Santheo left what a vibe Sandra was #TBangers,” she wrote.

Lindokuhle Mpofu commented: “Ncoow goodbye SanTheo, was really starting to fall for Sandra’s character.”

Only 22 housemates remain and there are 78 days to go.

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