Sane drops another bomb on RHOD!

Annie Mthembu
Annie Mthembu
@yfap_collections/@mrsannbition Instagram

REAL Housewives of Durban (RHOD) cast member Annie Mthembu was left disappointed by Sanelisiwe Bhengu’s allegations.

In the last episode, Sanelisiwe accused Annie of sleeping her way up.

During her conversation with Jojo Robinson and Nonku Williams, she said: “She was just a lousy PA and she slept her way up there. I mean, I’d be arrogant too.”

Sanelisiwe’s remarks about Annie shocked Jojo and Nonku.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Nonku.

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Annie took to her Instagram and expressed her disappointment: “Wow. Just watched the scene with Sane, Jojo and Nonku. And while I didn’t expect Nonku to have my back, Jojo just sat and listened to this hun trash me? She didn’t even bother to tell me about it but afterwards she just went to another event and told other people? And she seemed so happy to share this tea with everyone? Wow. Claps once. It’s giving Frenemy. Reunion let’s kick it.”

But Sanelisiwe later denied everything, leaving viewers questioning her state of mind.

Siya Gabuza said: “Sane is giving mean girl energy and I hate it. Does she not know that Annie is not the one to be messed with? Like you just don’t come for Annie.”

Pamela said producers should have not brought Sanelisiwe to the show.

RHOD producers are really bored to bring Sane in to shake things up. Her role is so annoying. I mean, as women, we are going through a lot as it is. We don’t need a woman who is purposely stepping on other people’s toes for the fun of it. What I struggle to stomach is her denying everything. That alone is messed up. The other day she went for Londie and yesterday she went for Annie. She has an evil heart,” she said.

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Ziko Somfongo said: “They make it so obvious that the show is staged. The intro of Sane and how she became part of the show is just flimsy. Reality shows aren’t real no more.”

Daily Sun approached both Annie and Sanelisiwe, but they declined to comment.

Annie’s agent, Charlene Hutchinson, said: “Annie is not interested in this interview.”

While Sanelisiwe said: “I’d like to decline the interview.”

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