Savanna Comics' Comedy Awards returns after four years!

Comedian Wandile Waka Zwane has been nominated in the bets new comer category at the Savannah comedy awards. Pic from Facebook
Comedian Wandile Waka Zwane has been nominated in the bets new comer category at the Savannah comedy awards. Pic from Facebook

WITH all that is going on in Mzansi, South Africans have always found a way to laugh through the pain.

And comedy lovers will get a chance to let loose and have a good laugh at the 10th annual Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards.

The award ceremony will be held in Joburg on Wednesday, 15 April.

Manuela Dias de Deus, the awards producer and managing director of One-eyed Jack, said they are going to be all about fun and joy.

She said: “We’re so excited by the return of the awards. They are aimed at growing our industry and already we can see the effect that the first two events in the roll out have had on hype and morale. The last awards took place in 2019 and we’re so happy to be back.

“It’s the 10th year, so we’re doing things a little differently. It’ll be more of a glamorous, black-tie event than it has been in the past. However, we will still be celebrating the comics who have made us laugh over the past year in an industry that has done incredible things.”

She said the Savanna Newcomer Showcase gives a platform to those who may not have had the opportunity to perform on such a big stage throughout their careers so far.

“It’s an important element of the Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards and a great way to open the industry and introduce the local comedy space to some fresh talent. Additionally, having the newcomer incubator workshop allowed key industry players to share some valuable knowledge with these comedians, something that’s incredibly important for us as the new team behind these awards,” said Manuela.

This year’s nominees, including the five who will be shortlisted for the newcomer award, will be announced next month.

“We’ve changed things up for the 10th year, with new categories, a new voting system, a new venue and a new event format. We’ll keep the legacy of the awards, but with a refreshed, modernised approach,” she said.

Manuela said they also made a huge space for newcomers to showcase their skills by giving 20 up-and-coming comedians five minutes to impress both show audiences and the local comedy industry with their flair and humor. The five comedians who made the biggest impact will earn themselves a nomination in the Best Newcomer category.

These newcomers were shortlisted to perform by the local comedy industry and were rated on drive, delivery, confidence, jokes from an entry video, and if they managed to stand out of the crowd.

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Some of South Africa’s biggest celebrities, comedians, agencies, casting agents, and talent scouts attended this year’s Savanna Newcomer Showcase which took place at The Homecoming Centre in the heart of Cape Town and was hosted by two-time award winner Schalk Bezuidenhout, who won the Savanna Newcomer Award in 2013, as well as the Intermediate Award in 2015.

Notable personalities in attendance included Yaseen Barnes, Nina Hastie, Cassidy Nicholson, Kate Pinchuck, Siv Ngesi, Arno Greeff, Tsitsi Chiumya, Kagiso Mokgadi, Tumi Morake, and more.

The 20 newcomers included Wandile Waka Zwane, Dakes, Wazi M Kunene, Simunye Church Boy and Mbali Gudazi from Gauteng, Prince M’Baya, Ntobeko, Ayabonga Kene, Supa Mario, Tumi Mkha’, JamJam, Candace, Arlene Petersen, Mira, Vision Masango and Vafa Naraghi from the Western Cape, Moe Latif from the North West and Felicia Pillay, Thami Dlamini and Annie Botha from KZN. 

Fans can visit for more information and to register for tickets to the awards.


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