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Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung in happier times.
Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung in happier times.

THE multi-talented Somizi Mhlongo has spoken out about his divorce matter with Mohale Motaung.   

He said he withdrew the court action to avoid legal battles that would cost a lot of money.   

In a statement on Friday, 10 March, Mhlongo said he was under the impression that he and Mohale had entered a customary marriage.   

"I obtained an opinion from an expert in customary law, and after careful consideration, I have accepted that no valid customary marriage was entered into," he said.   

Mhlongo filed the notice to withdraw the divorce action in the Joburg High Court.   

"The plaintiff hereby withdraws the action instituted against the [defendant] and tenders the defendant's taxed and/or agreed part and costs," reads the document.   

Social and political commentator Eusebius Mckaizer said on his Twitter account: "This 'notice of withdrawal' means Somizi concedes: a) he was never in a valid marriage with Mohale; b) he was the one claiming they were married while Mohale had said customary law elements were not completed; c) that there's no joint estate, as Mohale had rightly said."  


Mohale shocked Mzansi in 2020 when he claimed that his marriage to Somizi never existed.  

It reported that he believed that Somizi insisted they were married in a community of property in order to get a share of the royalties from DStv, which were said to be more than R10 million.   

The former couple once blew Mzansi in 2020 with their wedding special Somizi & Mohale: The Union, which earned them a nomination at the South African Film and Television Awards.   

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Mohale could not be reached for comment.   

His legal representative, Mabu Marweshe, told TimesLIVE: "This is the end of the road in terms of the divorce as it's considered they were never married. We are aware of actions that can be taken which include the alleged assaults, and we are also considering whether there is a possible case of defamation in respect of the allegations that were publicly made that our client is the one who issued the summons and wanted half of Somizi's assets, which painted him as a gold digger."   

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