Stop chasing money, DJ Ganyani warns young artists

DJ Ganyani urges young stars to work well with local promoters.         ­             Photo from Instagram
DJ Ganyani urges young stars to work well with local promoters. ­ Photo from Instagram

DJ GANYANI has urged up-and-coming musicians to honour their bookings.

The legendary house producer and record label owner, whose real name is Frederick Tshabalala, said many people overbooked and didn’t show up at gigs, forgetting there were fans and promoters waiting for them.

The 54-year-old said many promoters had complained about young artists not pitching up, ruining their reputations.

He addressed the issue on social media platforms on Monday, 23 January.

The producer from Meadowlands, Soweto, said artists needed to take fewer gigs and do them well rather than chasing money.

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“I remember during my time when I had the number one hit single titled Xigubu, I was on my way to a gig in Kimberley.

“We got a puncture on the way to the venue and it delayed us for more than an hour,” he said.

The musician said he and his team updated the club promoter that they would be late, but they kept their promise and eventually arrived.

“It’s important to pitch up as an artist so that your fans will remain with you,” he said.

“This thing of not pitching up to events creates lots of confusion between promoters and fans as they think people are just using musicians’ faces to sell their tickets,” he said.

“The majority of musicians do this as they want to make quick cash for themselves. This has to stop as promoters will end up not paying musicians upfront in the future.”

DJ Ganyani hosts the Music Creatives Workshops around Mzansi alongside industry friend DJ Christos, rapper K.O, Vinny DaVinci, Raff Gum and others.

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He said at the workshops, they discuss their journeys in the entertainment industry, including music production, how to make a hit song, and how to work well with others.

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