Ukhozi FM manager angers artists again!

Ukhozi FM’s Sbongi Ngcobo.  Photo by Jabulani Langa
Ukhozi FM’s Sbongi Ngcobo. Photo by Jabulani Langa

ARTISTS from different genres are unhappy with Ukhozi FM business manager, Sbongi Ngcobo. 

This after she allegedly refused to have a meeting with them.  

These artists are from amazion, reggae, a cappella, mbaqanga and scathamiya genres and they call themselves Isixaxa Sobuntu.

They complained that their music is not played on Ukhozi FM and when it is played, it’s usually at midnight. As a result, they requested a meeting with Sbongi. Daily Sun has seen Sbongi’s email, where she wrote: “Please write down whatever you want to discuss with me then I’ll respond. Thank you.”

This response has angered the artists.

Bishop Mandla Mkhize, who represents Amazion artists, said: “For a long time we noticed that Amazion music is not played on Ukhozi FM. When they do play it, it’s usually late in the night when most people are asleep. So, we wrote an email to Sbongi requesting a meeting with her. In our letter we highlighted our concerns. But she refused to meet with us.”

“We are disappointed by this attitude because it shows her unwillingness to meet us. Judging from her attitude, our music will never get preference like other genres,” he said. 

Richard Siluma, who represents reggae music, said: “Ukhozi FM no longer plays reggae music. When they do, it’s usually some old songs and they are played late at night. I was hoping to get some answers from Sbongi, but she made it clear that she is not interested in whatever we have to say.    

Musa Shabalala, who represents a cappella music, shared the same sentiments as Mandla, and said: “UKhozi FM is a public broadcaster and we expected them to have an open-door policy. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Sbongi is refusing to meet us. Ukhozi FM is sidelining our music and we want to know why. Sbongi is refusing to come to us. We believe she is intentionally frustrating us,” he said.     

Acting group executive for corporate affairs and marketing, Mmoni Seapolelo, said: "The SABC would like to refute the baseless allegation that the business manager for Ukhozi FM has refused to meet Isixaxa Sobuntu. The SABC takes every stakeholder which attempts to engage it seriously. It must be noted that there is nothing untoward about requesting for more information in order to prepare accordingly for a meeting and properly understand the issues which any group/individual may have. Unfortunately, the SABC does not organize meetings through the media."

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