WATCH: Ndlovu Youth Choir’s thrilling AGT audition!

Ralph Schmitt with the Ndlovu Youth Choir.
Ralph Schmitt with the Ndlovu Youth Choir.
Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

THE Ndlovu Youth Choir has once again left the rest of the world stunned.

This after members of the group auditioned for America’s Got Talent: All-Stars (AGT). They returned to the international stage on Monday, 23 January, and performed their song, We Will Rise.

Before performing, judge Simon Cowell said the choir was one of the best to ever grace the stage.

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“You did amazing on the show. We’ve used you as a reference for some of the best choirs we’ve ever had,” he said.

Another judge Howie Mandel said the choir was his favourite.

“For me, this is my favourite choir that’s ever been on AGT,” he said.

Their chilling performance resulted in a standing ovation from the audience and judges.

New judge Heidi Klum said: “This was my first time with you guys and I loved it. I love how vibrant you are, inside and out.”

Howie further said they were singing like professionals.

“Traditionally, I don’t respond to choirs. When I see choirs, I always have the same comment, which is: ‘I feel like it’s a school assembly and it’s nice for that.’ This didn’t look like an assembly. This looked like a finished broadway show,” he said.

They choir also shared the performance on social media.

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“We’re living our dream and are thankful for every opportunity to showcase our talents. Our dream is to inspire and showcase the boundless potential of young South Africans. We Will Rise! AGT, we loved being back and are honoured to officially be an All-Star.”

South Africans on social media have also expressed how proud they were of the choir.

Robi Kronberg commented: “You all did amazing. Be proud of your talent, and all that you have and will continue to accomplish. You are all-stars!”

Barbara Ducroq said they made Mzansi proud.

“You are phenomenal! You make South Africa proud! God bless you all and I hope you go all the way to the top.” she wrote.

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