Do married couples have sex regularly?

Sex in marriage!
Sex in marriage!

MANY people often assume that sex falls down the pecking order when you’re married.

This was evident in a study that appeared in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, which found that the average married adult currently enjoyed sex 54 times a year – about once a week.

According to Healthline magazine, if one needs to ejaculate 22 times to avoid prostate cancer and heart-related illnesses, then the above assumption is correct.

So, how many times do people have sex?

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According to Men’s Health magazine, in a 2017 study by the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, the average American married couple has sex 56 times a year, which is around once a week.

Experts in TIME and Prevention publications quote similar numbers, with 51 and 52 times a year, respectfully.

Sex therapist Dr Ian Kerner says if your sexual frequency doesn’t match up to the numbers you see above, there’s no need to worry – as long as you’re satisfied.

But if you’ve noticed a change in your sexual frequency and you’re not happy, it might be time to take action.

The stressers of life can pile up, so we have to work and fight a little bit to keep creating space for sex.

Kerner further explains that there’s no exact number of how many times a married couple should have sex. As long as both of you are happy with your sex life, nothing else matters. But if you both know you want to be doing it more and you’re not sure what to aim for, Kerner suggests trying to have sex once a week.

A recent study published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that couples who had sex weekly were happiest.

Kerner finally warns that dwelling too much on numbers could make you forget the more important aspect of one’s sex life – quality.

People love to remember peak sexual experiences or look at photos of vacations, and remember the time they were having sex somewhere. So, thinking about quality experiences or creating peak experiences is probably a better approach than just focusing on the number.

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