Why men love a tight punani

Why do men love a tight punani?
Why do men love a tight punani?

If you're like me and love football and its tactics, you'll agree with the following: Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City have one thing in common. 

Besides the clubs having been coached by undoubtedly one of the greatest footballing managers ever in modern football in Pep Guardiola, these teams have mastered the art of playing against teams who defend narrowly and are compact defensively. 


Their ability to penetrate these tightly-marked spaces make them one of the most feared teams in world football. 

According to Pep, mastering the art of penetrating a tightly marked defense requires patience, precision and execution PPE, excuse the pun. 

Maybe this is the same sentiments men share when it comes to having sex with someone with a tight punani. 

"Sexologists attribute friction to most men who prefer a tighter punani during sex."

According to google, there are thousands of searches daily on the tightness and the sexual enjoyment relating to the punani.

Almost affirming the growing trend of a tight punani. 

So let's quickly look at composition of a tight punani and why men love it. 

Experts agree that the tightness of the punani can be attributed to a number of things:

From lubrication/arousal to chronic dryness, or vaginismus, which is a painful condition in which the pelvic floor muscles involuntarily constricts or even clamps up during penetration.

There is also the experiencing of too much stimulation which is a sensation that feels blissful to one person may feel which is what most most guys tend to enjoy. 


Experts have also discovered that more and more women are investing in Kegel exercises, which help with strengthening their pelvic floor muscles, which in turn makes their punani more tighter. 

Sexologists attribute friction to most men who prefer a tighter punani during sex. 

It is this friction that brings about a stronger 4-5 arousal and even a more enjoyable penetration. 

Sexologists also caution that the tightness of the punani is subject to various implications. 

From aging, menopause, pregnancy and sexual activity. 

These things determine how tight the punani can be. 

In conclusion, men ought to remember that the tightness of the punani has some factors, if you so happen to come across it. 

Remember to apply the PPE strategy. 

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