Why you should ALWAYS buy her flowers!

Why should you always buy her flowers
Why should you always buy her flowers

Buy me a rose. 

A song title by one of the greatest musicians to ever grace the face of this earth. 

The late Luther Vandross wrote and sang this beautiful song which speaks about how should we treat a woman. 

"Buy me a rose

Call me from work

Open a door for me what would it hurt?

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Show me you love me by the look in your eyes

These are the little things

I need the most in my life."

Luther Vandross seeks to explain that its not the biggest and most expensive things that count. 

Just buying her a rose will do the treat. 

So why should you buy her roses or flowers in general?

1. She deserves them


Don't you think that the fact they named her Palesa or Mbali is proof that she deserves to spoiled with a beautiful bouquet of flowers now and then? Besides, women are the core that rocks the cradle so a little appreciation will go a long way. 

2. They can immediately change her mood 


Studies show how good flowers are for mental health. They’re a mood enhancing powerhouse that will ease that stressful week she’s had. They improve productivity and have an incredible power to make the love of your life smile and feel good.

3. They speak for you 


They say a picture paints a thousand words, but a beautiful bouquet of flowers says more. Sometimes words are hard to come by especially if you want to express your true feelings towards her. So flowers speak beautifully on your behalf.  

4. Score you points when it comes to romance


Most of us are hopeless when it comes to romance and sweeping her off her feet. So flowers do that on our behalf. There need not to be a special occasion for you to buy her flowers. Just surprise her now and then and she will plant you inside her beautiful heart.  

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