Hard work pays off for Safiyyah!

North West top achiever Safiyyah Wadee from Zinniaville Secondary School in Rustenburg.     Photos by Mpho Bilwane
North West top achiever Safiyyah Wadee from Zinniaville Secondary School in Rustenburg. Photos by Mpho Bilwane

A MATRICULANT from Zinniaville Secondary School in Rustenburg, North West, Safiyyah Wadee (18) has made it against all odds.

She said even though the Covid-19 pandemic and load shedding had a negative impact on her studies, she is grateful to be crowned the provincial top achiever.

Safiyyah got seven distinctions for all her susbjects with an average of 95%.

She also received national recognition for being the third-best-performing pupil in the country.

“I am super excited about being the provincial top achiever. I also received a national award on 19 January. My highest subject was Mathematics with 99%.

I would like to study medicine this year, preferably at the Wits University. However, I’m still waiting for their acceptance letter. I am always fascinated by biology, hence I want to study medicine,” she said.

Safiyyah further said that her aunt and uncle are excellent medical doctors serving in public hospitals.

“I am inspired by them and I also want to make a positive impact. The Covid-19 pandemic and load shedding had a negative impact on my time management.

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“So, I created a timetable at the beginning of the year and made sure that it was as detailed as possible. I was also disciplined, dedicated and determined to follow it because I did not want to lose any study time,” said Safiyyah.

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She encouraged those who did not make to try again and work harder.

Her mum Tasneem Wadee said: “Safiyyah worked extremely hard and she was dedicated to her studies. She was one of the best achievers since grade 1, so we are blessed to have her as our child.

North West MEC of Education, Viola Motsumi, was happy with the provincial matric results.

“She is one person who never gives up and she made sure that she performed well in every assignment, test or exam. We were always there to show her support throughout her journey,” she said.

North West Premier Bushy Maape congratulated the matric class of 2022.

North West Education MEC Viola Motsumi said even though the province received 79,8% and occupied position five, the class of 2022 showed character, tenacity and resilience.

Motsumi also praised grade 12 pupils for not allowing any external forces to derail them.

“It is true that darkest nights produce brightest stars. You prevailed over the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

“We also experienced load shedding, floods and community service delivery protests that could have easily prevented you from achieving your academic goals,” she said.

Motsumi said that even though there are challenges, her department is working hard.

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