Bae’s anger scares me!


Dear MizzB

I’M a 24-year-old lady and my girlfriend is 30 years old.

We have been dating for a year and I love her very much.

She has a tendency of getting aggressive and it scares me.

I told her how I feel about her anger outbursts but she is not changing. Will she stop if I become submissive?

  • Sistas

Dear Sistas

Submission is a voluntary act and should not be done under any forced circumstances.

Your partner needs to face and deal with whatever it is that is bothering her. Anger, like any other emotion, is caused by a series of events from the past or present. Relationship counselling may be helpful to you guys to identify a healthier way of expressing your feelings. Abuse should not be tolerated or accepted at all. Put your safety and happiness before anybody else. All the best!

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