Kasi patrollers fear trigger-happy suspect!

Patrollers at Alexandra in Joburg fear for their lives as they lose their colleagues.
Patrollers at Alexandra in Joburg fear for their lives as they lose their colleagues.

PATROLLERS in Gomora fear for their lives after three of their colleagues were killed!

Even though they're committed to keeping Alex safe, some have started to back down. 

Seven patrollers were shot at, allegedly by one suspect, in Stjwetla on the morning of the 26 April 2023.

Five sustained serious injuries and two died.

Patrollers have gathered information on the suspect. The father of one of the patrollers who was killed said he was going to move back home in Mpumalanga because he didn't feel safe.

He said he heard about the suspect who shot his son and the fact that he was still roaming around the streets of Alex was uncomfortable for him.

"I don't know how a person just shoots people and this is obviously not random. It was planned," he said. 

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Chief commander of Alexandra patrollers, King Tsonga said: "We're all trying to make sense of what's going on but we're left with more questions than answers."

King also said police have never even questioned any of them after the incident, so they have no idea what was happening with the case and if it was even opened. 

Another concerned patroller told Daily Sun: "I've been a patroller for three years now. I'm really committed to keeping Alex safe but not at the expense of losing my life. I have a family that still needs me." 

Patrollers are planning to march to Alex Police Station as they felt like the station was failing the community. They said they invited the station to the memorial service, but the leadership did not attend.

Gauteng police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo confirmed that seven people were shot and wounded while two succumbed to their injuries at the scene. 

"Five were taken to medical facilities where they could get medical assistance. A case of murder and attempted murder was opened at Bramley Police Station. Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect(s) who are still at large."

Masondo said the recent shooting, police visibility has been intensified in the area. 

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