ANC councillor out on bail


WARD 71 ANC councillor (35) is out on R2 000 bail for rape and expected to make a second appearance this week.

He was not asked to plead.

The victim (57) said the rape happened while they attending a funeral of an ANC member in Mpumalanga.

Some angry ANC members from Benoni, Ekurhuleni, said they’ve appealed to the upper structures of the party for the councillor to step aside, but he’s still there.

“He can still be suspended with full pay. The problem is that he must not be seen as the role model after what happened,” said a member.

“What makes us angry is that the councillor’s case was not even taken to the ethics committee as required,” said a member.

Community leader Solly Klaas said all they wanted was for the correct procedure to be followed.

The victim said she didn’t expect this from the councillor.

“He said when he raped me that I was returning a favour for all the things he did for me,” she said.

“I feel as if some ANC members are protecting him.”

The woman, who is a member of ANC Women’s League, said she was raped on 20 March last year.

She said the reason she delayed coming forward was that she was being threatened by the councillor.

She said she finally opened a case in October at Daveyton Police Station, and it was transferred to Ermelo cop shop in Mpumalanga.

The councillor was arrested in November and made his first court appearance on 3 November 2022.

The second appearance is tomorrow, 20 January.

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The councillor didn’t want to comment, saying his lawyers were handling the matter. Brigadier Selvy Mohlala of Mpumalanga police referred Daily Sun to the NPA.

The NPA hadn’t responded to the queries by the time of going to print. Ekurhuleni municipal speaker Raymond Dlamimi said they were aware of the case and couldn’t fire the councillor, because the matter was still in court.

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