Churches seek divine intervention in crime fight


PASTORS from different churches and their congregants marched in Mamelodi, Tshwane on Saturday against crime in the area.

Their prayer march was organised by Mamelodi Inter-Denominational Evangelical Minister’s Fraternal organisation (MIEMF) and they were seeking divine intervention to fight the scourge of child abuse, the abuse of women, the abuse of men, murder, corruption and ungodliness.

Chairman of MIEMF Pastor Lech Mashigo said they were there to reshape Mamelodi.

“We are here to change the history of Mamelodi as it is known as one of the townships that has a high crime rate,” he said.

He said almost every month they hear a report about churches that have been robbed.

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“Cellphones have been taken, cars and laptops, while people are having night prayers. We have one of our pastors as well who recently got robbed. They got into the church at night after load-shedding and took out guns and took cellphones, laptops and other things from members, even their cars,” he said.

He said they want to make people aware that they don’t want crime.

“We are tired of GBV, crime, drug and substance abuse. So, we have asked for churches to come here together with the people of Mamelodi to hear us out,” he said.

He said young people are dying from drugs and they are buried every weekend.

“We are saying to our young brothers, stay away from drugs and saying to our brothers and fathers, stop killing our children, mothers and sisters,” he said.

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He said they felt crime can be stopped by marching and praying.

“We read in the Bible that God said to Joshua that wherever your feet tread that is your place. We know that and we believe that if we walk to a place our feet are anointed, wherever we tread the devil must move away. We have come with our strategy and our feet will walk in places where crime is happening,” he said.

One of the people who was marching, Lerato Lekana (24), said she came to the march to pray for drug abuse.

“Many young people in our area have sold their souls to drugs and today I want to break this curse. It is a curse because all the drug addicts are people who could be changing the world,” she said.

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