Cops save man from abductors

Police in Knysna arrested kidnappers with several drugs in their possession.
Police in Knysna arrested kidnappers with several drugs in their possession.

COPS have arrested four people following a kidnapping on Thursday, 9 February.

Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk said the kidnappers demanded money after snatching the victim in Knysna, Western Cape.

He said crime intelligence worked with the Kysna station commander and local detectives to identify the suspects and the location of the victim. “An operational team comprising of the Knysna Crime Prevention Unit and Flying Squad members was deployed to a house in Robololo Street, Knysna,” he said.

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“The Malawian victim was found and brought to safety. During the search, 70 grams of tik and 156 mandrax tablets to the value of R33 860 were seized.”

After the arrest, cops interviewed the suspects and victim and managed to get information that led to the arrest of another suspect.

“After interviewing the victim and one of the suspects, a follow-up operation was conducted at the premises of one suspect, a foreigner of Nigerian descent.

“This led to the discovery of 7 500 mandrax tablets and 1,5kg of tik to the value of R502 500. Cash to the value of R20 000, believed to be the proceeds of crime, was also found and confiscated,” said Van Wyk.

He said one foreign male, two South African men and one Mzansi woman, were arrested on charges of kidnapping, extortion and dealing in drugs.

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