EFF’s clean-up campaign honours late Andries Tatane

Economic Freedom Fighters President Julias Malema launch Andries Tatane Saturday clean-up campaign at Sebokeng zone 13.
Economic Freedom Fighters President Julias Malema launch Andries Tatane Saturday clean-up campaign at Sebokeng zone 13.
Tumelo Mofokeng

THE late Andries Tatane will be remembered as the EFF names its cleaning campaign after him.

The EFF launched the Andries Tatane Clean-up Campaign in Sebokeng zone 13, Vaal on Saturday.

Over a decade after Tatane was shot and killed by police officers at a service delivery protest for water in Ficksburg, Free State in 2011, he is being honoured through their Saturday clean-up campaigns in townships.

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EFF leader Julius Malema, speaking at the launch of the cleaning campaign, said people must clean up after themselves and clean all the illegal dumping areas every Saturday.

He said people should spend two hours being useful instead of sitting at home.

“People must not wait for Emfuleni Municipality to clean the dumping sites, but they need to look after themselves by making sure they don’t live like pigs in their townships,” he said.

Malema encouraged his supporters to identify dumping sites to clean in honour of Tatane.

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“The government doesn’t care about its people. As community members, we should care and make cleaning a fashionable thing,” he said.

“You are on your own because the municipality is not collecting rubbish and there are many illegal dumping sites in Emfuleni townships,” he said.

“By cleaning our townships it shows that in 2024 we are going to clean the government by making sure the ANC government is out in power.”

Malema thanked the Tatane family for allowing his party to use Tatane’s name in the campaign and allowing his name to live forever,

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