JOSEPH: How flames ate my job


A FAMILY is looking for answers after their shack burnt down on Sunday night, 15 January.

Joseph Nkomo (45) was asleep in the main house with his brother when they were alerted to the fire by neighbours. The fire had engulfed the shack, which is at the back of their house.

Neighbours helped them kill the fire, but it was already out of control. Joseph said they lost everything.

“Some people said they saw somebody cutting the cable from the pole. This cable is the one which is connected to our house.

“We don’t know if this perhaps caused the fire. Whoever did this has cost us because we lost everything,” said Joseph.

He said he just got a new job, but lost his ID in the fire.

“This is unfortunate. I’m frustrated because my employer is going to need the document,” he said.

Joseph said when they investigated the damage in the morning, they discovered that the cable was indeed cut.

He said the burning shack also affected their water supply. “The fire was starting to leap to the roof of the house and we thank neighbours who saw it on time.”

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The family appealed for help. Joseph said that there’s a cable theft problem in the area, but going into someone’s yard was disrespectful.

A resident said: “We are going to search for that person until we find him. If they are able to do this to one yard, it means we are not safe.”

Neighbour Diana Sithole (50) said: “We tried to extinguish the fire but it was too strong. We are happy no life was lost.

“The family can still get back whatever they have lost.”

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