Man 'rapes' wife's sister (13)

A man has allegedly raped his wife's younger sister.
A man has allegedly raped his wife's younger sister.

A MAN is still on the loose after allegedly raping his wife's younger sister (13). 

The incident took place in Songeni Village outside Thulamahashe near Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga after the mother (23) of his two kids went out for shopping nearby on Sunday, 2 April at about 7pm.

The woman left the girl with his two kids, aged five and seven inside their two-roomed house.

Upon return, she couldn't believe her eyes when she was greeted by the little sister crying outside the house, saying her husband had raped her and ran away.

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"I couldn't believe my ears when my tearful little sister said my husband raped her. He gave her R100, and threatened to finish her off if she tells anyone about rape ordeal.

“I spotted blood and wet fluid on her panties and her private parts. I rushed her to nearby Thulamahashe Clinic. We were then referred to a hospital and doctors confirmed she has been raped. We then reported the matter to the police. She is still very traumatised and on medication, " she said. 

The woman said she was embarrassed of her husband's evil acts.

"My little sister valued him as a dad and had much respect for him but he chose to rape her and take advantage of her, knowing very well that her parents are away in Mozambique. His family is siding with him and protecting him," she said. 

Captain S'fiso Nyakane confirmed that a case of rape has been opened, and the suspect has not yet been arrested.

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