EISH! A bloody weekend in KZN

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Police implement 72 hour activation after fatal shooting. Photo by Archive/André Damons
Police implement 72 hour activation after fatal shooting. Photo by Archive/André Damons

RESIDENT in KZN live in fear!

This comes after blood has been shed almost every weekend in the province. 

On Saturday, 1 April, there was a mass shooting where 11 people lost their lives on two different incidents and areas.

They were all all gunned down.  

The first tragic incident took place in Mbumbulu, south of Durban. It is alleged that gunshots were heard on Saturday night and then six bodies were found on Sunday, 2 April.

KZN police spokesman Colonel Robert Netshiunda confirmed that the cops from Mbumbulu responded to reports of a shooting incident in uMbumbulu. 

Netshiunda said on arrival, six bodies were found, four lying inside a bedroom, one next to the gate and the owner of the house was found dead not far from his house.  

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Two of the victims are female siblings, aged 21 and 16 years old.

"The owner of the house, aged 35 years old was suspected to being involved criminal activities including dealing in drugs and cable theft. The motive of the killing is unknown but drug-related activities could not be ruled out," he said. 

A resident in Mbumbulu told Daily Sun that he heard that the owner of the house was a drug dealer.

"He sold drugs in the area as well as his house. I think the people who killed him were also drug dealers who were disturbed by his business. It's a pity that other people were killed. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Clearly the target was the house owner.

“They made sure that he too was dead. Maybe the other people were killed because they probably saw who the gunmen were," said the resident. 

He said they heard gunshots and didn't go out to see as they were scared.  

Another sad KZN resident (36) said recently several people have been killed like flies. 

"This is now a big concern because it means we are not safe at all. Every weekend we hear of a mass shooting. I struggle to sleep peacefully at night because fear for my life," said the resident. 

Meanwhile, the second shooting took place in Morningside, Durban where five suspected drug dealers were also gunned down on Saturday 1 April.

The suspected drug dealers were in a house when cops stormed the house and they opened fire at the officers. The cops returned fire, and fatally shot all five suspects. 

Police Minister Bheki Cele went to the scene. Cele said five firearms including three rifles and two pistols, money and drugs worth an undisclosed amount of money have been seized by police. 

“We have been having a challenge of shootings and drug related crimes in KZN, and these suspects are believed to be part of the syndicate who have been operating in Durban and surrounding areas. Good work to the team, but there is more that still needs to be done, so we are definitely coming for more of them," said the minister.  

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