'My drunk stepdad raped me'


A WOMAN feels let down by the justice system and even her own family.

This after she was allegedly raped by her stepdad in February last year.

The 27-year-old from Dawn Park in Ekurhuleni said on the day of the rape, her stepdad came home drunk and went straight to her room and allegedly raped her.

“My mum was away that week,” said the woman.

“He apologised the following day and said it was a moment of weakness and asked that I don’t tell my mum about it.”

The woman said when her mum returned, she told her immediately.

However, she took it very lightly, apologised for her man and promised that it would never happen again. She said the way her mum handled the matter hurt her more than the rape.

“I went to open a case on my own, but as usual the police are dragging their feet.

“I ended up leaving home because things were sour.”

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She said the man hasn’t been arrested and when she enquired with the police, she was told her case number didn’t appear on the system.

Daily Sun tried to contact her mum, who hung up as soon as the reporter introduced herself.

Gauteng police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo advised the woman to go to the cop shop and speak to the station commander and she’ll get help.

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