Nokukhanya washes her way out of poverty

Nokukhanya Buthelezi is now able to earn a living washing clients’ clothes.
Nokukhanya Buthelezi is now able to earn a living washing clients’ clothes.

WHEN Nokukhanya Buthelezi enrolled for an electrical engineering course, her goal was to get a job to help her family.

But because of financial constraints, she was forced to drop out of college after only a year of studying.

The 28-year-old from Dunhauser, KZN, said travelling to college every day cost a fortune and she couldn’t keep up with it as no one at home had a well-paying job.

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She said her mother is a waste picker and she doesn’t earn much.

So after she dropped out in 2017, she looked for a job but with no success.

I couldn’t just sit and do nothing.I knocked on many doors, but none opened.

“I went back home and thought about what kind of business I can start without capital,” she said.

“I did my research and saw that no one in the area is in the washing business and if people need laundry they have to go to town,” she said.

Nokukhanya started by washing takkies for locals and when she saw that the business was getting support, she expanded.

“As much as it was not as fast as the laundries in town, I was able to make money to help my mother.

“I started washing clothes as well."

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“People are now flocking to my business and I’m always busy,” said Nokukhanya.

She also offers ironing services on request.

Nokukhanya said she isn’t sure about going back to college anytime soon as her focus is on her business right now.

She said she wants to grow until she opens her own laundry company one day.

“I can make a lot of money if I can get space and equipment to work with,” she said.

“I could take more orders per day unlike now because I don’t have a washing machine.

“My dream is own a laundry.”

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