Pain over Cleo’s body!

Linda Diko has still not received her daughter's body. Photo by Lulekwa Mbadamane
Linda Diko has still not received her daughter's body. Photo by Lulekwa Mbadamane

CLEO Diko's mother is in pain after the death of her daughter, but she is now struggling to get her child's body so she can bury her.

She told Daily Sun she still hasn’t received Cleo's body since it was discovered last month, let alone identify it.

Linda (61) said when the body was found, she wanted it handed over to the family so they could arrange a burial.

But an officer told her there was a need for a DNA test as the body was in a decomposed state.

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The mother said she paid R1 500 for a private DNA test and received the results in two days. She then called the detective and informed him, but he allegedly came up with another story.

“He said they were still investigating and could not hand over the body to us. He said they were building a strong case and do not want the case thrown out of court for lack of evidence,” she said.

Linda said she could tell that the cop was hiding something from her.

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She said from the initial information that she got, she was told that her daughter was hit on the head by something believed to be a hammer, but the new information she got is that Cleo's body was in two pieces.

She said the pieces are in two different university labs for post mortem. She said that the information came to her through Police Minister Bheki Cele, who promised her she will receive Cleo’s body by Wednesday 1 March.

“I will wait and see, but this issue is causing pain on top of another pain. As if losing Cleo was not enough, I’m still struggling to get her body. I think the detective could not disclose the gruesome manner in which she was killed, hence she was playing the long game and buying some time through explanations,” she said.

Cleo went missing on 27 October and her body was found under the bed at a house in Mandalay on 27 January. 

The suspect, Sandile Jekwa (39), has since appeared in the Mitchells Plain Magistrates Court and his case was postponed to 23 March.

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