Pastor dies fasting for 40 days!

Pastor attempting 40-day Jesus fast collapses and dies in Mozambique. iStock image
Pastor attempting 40-day Jesus fast collapses and dies in Mozambique. iStock image

A PASTOR in Mozambique has reportedly died after trying to fast for 40 days.

BBC reports that the pastor, identified as Francisco Barajah, died on Wednesday, 15 February, trying to emulate what Christ is said to have done in the Bible.

The publication reports that the 39-year-old founder of Santa Trindade Evangelical Church died at a hospital in Beira.

“After 25 days without food or water, he had lost weight to the point where he could not stand up. He had been taken to hospital at the insistence of relatives and followers,” BBC reported.


According to the publication, the pastor was evacuated in critical condition after being diagnosed with acute anaemia and digestive organ failure.

Daily Mail reports that Barajah was also a French teacher in Messica, the central province of Manica.

And, it looks like the pastor had not learnt from other people who had attempted to fast for 40 days and later died. In 2006, a devoted Christian woman in London died halfway through her 40-day religious fast while a man from Zimbabwe suffered the same fate of fasting and died after 30 days.

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