PICS: Angry patient splashes moroto on nurses food and faces

SIES!: Screengrabs from a video showing a cup of moroto, thrown by a patient, flying towards the nurses and their food.
SIES!: Screengrabs from a video showing a cup of moroto, thrown by a patient, flying towards the nurses and their food.

THE VIDEO shows an angry man ranting at nurses about having breakfast while patients are standing outside in the blazing sun.

The nurses are not impressed. They carry on with their conversation, ignoring him as if he isn’t there.


In a video taken at the Calcot Dlepu Clinic in Tsakane, Ekurhuleni, on 20 January, a patient seems to have had enough.

In the video, the angry male patient can be heard talking to three nurses in the kitchen about the bad treatment of the patients.

The nurses don’t seem to care while he is complaining.

But the video ends with him throwing a container of moroto over them, spoiling their breakfast as it spilled into their food and on their faces.

Nurses, soaked in moroto, which is human urine, apparently jumped up from the table and there was chaos!

Security had to be called.

A witness told Daily Sun the nurses went to the police station.

“We don’t know if a case was opened or not,” said the witness.

Daily Sun asked residents at houses near the clinic about the treatment they received there.

“In that clinic you sit until your bum is sore,” said a mother who often took her baby to the clinic. I don’t blame the guy who threw moroto at them. They deserved it.”

She said they wish nurses would learn to treat people with respect and not let them suffer.

Recently, MEC Phophi Ramathuba was seen in a video reprimanding clinic staff in Limpopo for neglecting patients.

SIES!: Screengrabs from a video showing a cup of moroto, thrown by a patient, flying towards the nurses and their food.

Zweli Dlamini, spokesman for Ekurhuleni Municipality, said they were not aware and will investigate. Sergeant Lerato Mngomezulu of Tsakane Police Station said no case was reported and she didn’t know about the incident. The Gauteng MEC for health and wellness, Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko, has described in a statement that it was an inhumane and vulgar attack on healthcare workers.

“Irrespective of the complaint the member of the public might be having against the health workers, this cannot justify the attack on them. It is uncalled for and we condemn this vulgar act in the strongest possible terms,” said MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko.

The MEC pointed out that healthcare workers across the province have found themselves under attack from communities in recent times where some have even been robbed of their belongings and with patient care being severely hampered.

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“I appeal to communities to work with us to end the attack on healthcare workers. On our side we have made a commitment to ensure that we improve the patient experience at healthcare facilities,” said the MEC.

She said she has directed the department to investigate the matter and establish the facts.

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