PICS: Thugs hijack police van!

The police vehicle which was hijacked by thugs and later abandoned at Wintervedt, Tshwane on Sunday. Photo supplied
The police vehicle which was hijacked by thugs and later abandoned at Wintervedt, Tshwane on Sunday. Photo supplied

WHEN thugs see the police, they normally run away to avoid getting arrested.

But brazen thugs left Mzansi in shock when they hijacked a police van in the north of Tshwane on Sunday, 22 January.

They hijacked an operational commander who was voluntarily taking two victims home after they had opened cases at the Temba Police Station.

Police spokeswoman, Brigadier Athlenda Mathe, said after the commander dropped off the second victim, he was accosted by three men who drove with him to Winterveld, where they abandoned the vehicle.

“The member was robbed of his belongings. The police have launched a manhunt for the three suspects,” said Mathe.

She said the police van was recovered and called on the community to hand over those responsible for the crime.

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National police commissioner, General Fannie Masemola, condemned the incident.


On the other hand, social media users called on cops to do better.


Barcocba Molapo wrote: “Minister of Police must grant immunity to officers who may discharge their service weapons in execution of their mandate or in effort of law enforcement. That’s where we should differentiate security guards from the police.”


Solly Shakwane wrote: “If they highjack police vehicles, what about citizens of Mzansi? And I doubt it is foreign nationals. The government protects these people. They do this cause they are traceable. Sunnyside and Hillbrow are their two neighbouring cities. Talk Mzansi nation, let’s hear.”

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Kutlwano Nkuna: “Shame on this... Police officers all they know is taking bribes from us. You sell weed they don’t arrest you, they take money. You drive without a licence still they want R50 nyana. Police guys are not working they just chewing our tax money. From now on I’m no longer respecting them for this stupidity and foolishness. I’m very disappointed with this. Soldiers are the ones who can protect our nation. Other than that, South Africa is slowly becoming Zimbabwe. I blame ANC and this fool Ramaphosa.”


Thanda Welcome wrote: “South Africa is a sick joke. Lawlessness and disorder are the order of the day. This is a confirmation that any mafia state can become a safe haven for all criminal syndicates to do as they please. South Africans, you’re on your own. It is time to take over now. In fact, it is long overdue.”

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