Stouters shine in grade 12

Jacobus Delport, Principal Elizabeth Mathebane and Velona Ngobeni are changing kids’ lives.   Photo by Raymond Morare
Jacobus Delport, Principal Elizabeth Mathebane and Velona Ngobeni are changing kids’ lives. Photo by Raymond Morare

TWO pupils from Soshanguve Secure Care Centre Special School in Tshwane passed matric with good marks.

The school caters for children who are in conflict with the law.

According to the principal Elizabeth Mathebane, the two pupils, both aged 19, passed very well.

Mathebane said one of the pupils even got a distinction.

She said the school started in 2019.

“We had challenges because we work with pupils with special needs.

“These pupils need support from teachers, parents, the Department of Education and Social Development,” she said.

She said they make sure the boys eat, bathe, get medical attention and go to school.

“They also get medical attention and are monitored by the Health Department,” she said.

She said it was the first time the school offered grade 12.

“But the school offers a technical, occupational curriculum which is for mild and moderate type of pupils,” she said.

She said they have 59 children who are doing the technical occupational curriculum.

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Soshanguve Secure Care Centre in Soshanguve said two of their learners aged 19 passed the matric.The school caters children who are in conflict with the law. Photo by Raymond Morare Photo by

The school also offers skills such as agriculture, welding, hospitality, arts and craft.

She said as a school they know that children commit serious crimes, but they look at them as just pupils.

These teachers are not psychologists, we We just want to teach these kids and change their lives,” said Mathebane.

She also said the school achieved this milestone because of the love of children and good planning.

Jacobus Delport, head of skills department at the school, said he focuses on woodwork, welding and hospitality.

“The children are doing very well.”

“ I have never experienced such in this school. We worked hard for these results,” he said.

Velona Ngobeni, centre manager for grade 12s, said: “they achieved good marks because of dedication and hard work.We had brilliant pupils who were willing to learn.” We are grateful to the team that played a role in the pupils’ lives,” she said.

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