TERRORISED ISAAC: Taxi woman is a bully with no respect

Isaac Chauke said the taxi driver insists on parking in front of his yard.           Photos by     Ntebatse Masipa
Isaac Chauke said the taxi driver insists on parking in front of his yard. Photos by Ntebatse Masipa

ISAAC said he has never beaten by a woman before, but recently there is a female taxi driver who has been making his life hell.

She parks her taxi right in front of his yard and when he complains, she allegedly beats him up.

“She has done it three times and worst of all, she does it front of my kids.”

He said she once tried to stab him with a knife and fellow taxi drivers arrived just in time to save his life.

Isaac said he reported her to the local Taxi Association and opened a case against her. Other amaphele drivers told Daily Sun they kicked her out of their rank as she was a violent person.

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“She’s a bully and doesn’t respect other people,” said a taxi driver.

Some of the taxi could seen parked in front of his yard. Photos by Ntebatse Masipa Photo by

Isaac said the woman had anger issues

“She promised she was coming back to take care of us. I had never been humiliated like this,” he said. “She said she’s a Zulu and not scared of Shangaans.”

She has since left the taxi rank.

Another taxi driver said: “We have a good relationship with madala and we tried to speak to other drivers to try not to block the road or park in people’s yards.” Other residents said they wished amaphele could stop making their lives a nightmare.

A case of intimidation was opened at Tsakane Police Sation for investigation.

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Spokesman for Springs Taxi Association said they were aware of Isaac’s case and they planned to bring the female driver to explain her side of the story.

“I will check with the person handling the case as to how far it has gone,” he said.

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