Villagers suffer as bridge collapses


THE residents of Tsheseng Village in QwaQwa are struggling to get home following the collapse of an old bridge.

The bridge collapsed following heavy rain in December. The villagers are forced to walk almost four kilometres to access ambulances and transport.

“It’s even worse for elderly people as they have to walk long distances as there is no any other means of transport. In instances where there’s a funeral, we request manpower from nearby villages. As a concerned citizen, I call on the government to prioritise reconstructing our bridge,” said Matshidiso Mokoena.

Ward Councillor Sabata Sothoane said the quality of the bridge was very poor.


“The situation is bad. Even those who have horses can’t use them. I spoke to the officials in the municipality’s infrastructure department. Promises have been made but nothing has happened. The pensioners are forced to wake up as early 4am to walk towards Moeding Village where they will find transport,” said Sothoane.

Maluti-a-Phofung Mayor Gilbert Mokotso visited the area in January.

“We made a temporary structure, unfortunately it also collapsed. We sent our teams to do a proper assessment. We apologise to our people for their suffering,” he said.

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