WATCH: Westbury gang war claims lives!


RESIDENTS of Westbury now live in fear for their lives.

This after the recent shootings in the area, which left two dead and 13 injured.

Gauteng provincial commissioner Lieutenant-General Elias Mawela said: "Resources have been mobilized in Joburg following several shootings over the weekend in Westbury and Newclare."

According to available information, six separate shootings had been reported since Friday.

Gauteng police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo, said the circumstances surrounding all the incidents were unclear at this stage and police were continuing with the investigation.

He told Daily Sun that police were following up on all leads and a suspect had been arrested for attempted murder. 

"We urge the community of Westbury and the surrounding areas to work together with the cops to ensure that the perpetrators are arrested," said Masondo.

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Meanwhile, ActionSA president Herman Mashaba called on the South African Police Service to step up its efforts to tackle gang-related gun violence in Westbury.

This after more than 10 people were shot and two died in an area residents called "war zone".

It is alleged that the shootings started after Fast Guns boss Keenan Sheldon Ebrahim was killed last Thursday.

Mashaba said it is sad that there are people in the country who are exposed to all sorts of social ills, from extreme poverty, drug and substance abuse, gender-based violence, to the trauma of living constantly in fear of gangs in their communities. 

"South Africans are tired of multiple sociological challenges that force them to lose all hope and confidence in our law enforcement agencies. This is when it comes to dealing with extreme violence that often results in senseless killings and a high death toll in our communities," said Mashaba. 

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He said many reports had been written to highlight the problem of gang wars between the Fast Guns and Verados which had claimed more than 100 lives.

He urged affected communities across the country to stand together in unity to fight against these heinous crimes.

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