WATCH: HAVAL enhances line up with sporty Jolion S

Haval Jolion S. Photo: Motorpress
Haval Jolion S. Photo: Motorpress

SINCE its launch in 2021, the HAVAL Jolion has been a runaway success.

It has steadily topped the sales charts in the competitive compact SUV segment, to date the range has consisted of five models, all utilising the same engine but with a choice of two gearboxes.

HAVAL has now enhanced the offering with the addition of the sporty Jolion S, featuring a new generation 1.5-litre engine.

The Jolion S not only features the same impressive level of standard specification, premium interior, connectivity and safety features as found in the Jolion Super Luxury, it also has several features unique to this model – ultra-high-performance engine and transmission

The Jolion S is fitted with a new generation 1.5-litre engine that features an upgraded turbocharger.

The Performance Pack engine offers increases of 25kW and 60Nm above that of the standard Jolion, boasting an impressive 130kW between 5 500 and 6000rpm and 270Nm between 1 500 and 4 000rpm.

This is mated with a smooth shifting seven speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) that drives the front wheels and has been specifically programmed to keep the engine in the sweet spot in terms of performance.

A unique feature for this segment is the addition of Launch Control, allowing drivers to extract maximum performance from the drivetrain when accelerating from a standstill position.

Unique sporty styling

Styling enhancements include a unique front grille that boasts a chrome honeycomb pattern.

The Jolion S has also been treated to several unique blacked out styling elements including the front and rear bumper garnish, side mirror caps, door beadings and roof rails, adding to the unique styling of this sporty model.

The 18-inch sporty alloy wheels have been treated to a gloss black finish and are fitted with 225/55 R 18 tyres.

Premium interior

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Interior specification is comprehensive and includes paddle shifters behind the eco-leather steering wheel, a seven-inch colour instrument cluster, wireless charging, a front 12V power outlet and a dashcam power outlet.

Infotainment is catered for by a 12.3-inch multimedia touch display that incorporates Bluetooth and a six-speaker sound system.

Seating is upgraded too and now features front seat heating. The rear seats fold in a 60:40 configuration, to expand the luggage carrying capacity when needed.


HAVAL Jolion S 7DCT R479 950

HAVAL Jolion City 6MT R342 950

HAVAL Jolion Luxury 6MT R377 950

HAVAL Jolion Premium 7DCT R384 950

HAVAL Jolion Luxury 7DCT R414 950

HAVAL Jolion Super Luxury 7DCT R446 950

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