Big Nuz doing it for R Mashesha!

Seven years later, Big Nuz has  reunited and are making music to pay tribute to R Mashesha
Seven years later, Big Nuz has reunited and are making music to pay tribute to R Mashesha

WHEN Big Nuz member R Mashesha died, the group stopped making music.

Seven years later, its members have reunited and are making music to pay tribute to R Mashesha, who died in 2015 at the age of 34, due to the surgical complications related to an illness that was not disclosed.

Big Nuz, whose members are Mampintsha (Mandla Maphumulo) and Danger (Mzi Tshomela), are expected to release an album for the first time since R Mashesha, whose real name is Sibusiso Khomo, died.

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According to Danger (39), the album, R Mashesha, will be released on Friday, 25 November.

He said their late group member has proven to be a good ancestor to them.

“We believe that he is the one who brought us together again. He loved our group and wouldn’t want to see us splitting. After his death, we didn’t split but we decided to focus on our projects as individuals. And I don’t think R Mashesha was disappointed by that. I believe he gave us his blessings because we did very well as solo artists. Now that we are together again, we also believe he is the one who reunited us. He hated conflict, he always preached peace among us,” said Danger.

He said they released a single titled Ngeke featuring DJ Yamza last Friday.

He said there are various artists who are featured on the album, including Babes Wodumo.

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“With this album, we are reminding our fans about us. We also managed to get the songs we recorded before R Mashesha died. We never used those songs, but we are happy that we included them in our new album. R Mashesha’s voice is heard on the songs. We can assure ourselves that this album will do good because we have R Mashesha as an ancestor, watching over us,” said Danger.

Big Nuz was formed in 2002 in Umlazi, south of Durban.

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