Cape Town Fashion Week makes comeback!


THE Cape Town Fashion Week is making a comeback to the Mother City.

The African Fashion International (AFI) made the announcement on Monday, 30 January.

The fashion show was recently taken to Abu Dhabi and now it returns to its home base.

It will take place from 21 to 25 March under the theme Fashion, Art and Design.

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Making the announcement, the AFI said: “As part of our 15-year celebration, AFI Cape Town Fashion Week will bring together established and young designers, fashion lovers, influential figures, and the youth, through music, fashion, and art. There will be runway shows, designer presentations, the AFI Masterclass and various networking opportunities with key stakeholders. It is the perfect platform for local and international buyers, media, and celebrities to discover Africa’s hidden gems.”

Speaking about the fashion show, founder and executive chair of AFI, Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe said fashion is an important sector.

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“Fashion offers more than an escape into our aspirations, it is also a critical sector for cultural and economic value as well as job creation,” she said.

AFI Cape Town Fashion Week will be staged at multiple locations in the Mother City. The venues will be announced in due time.

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