DiepCity’s Mr Xavier leaves viewers angry!

Actor, Siphiwe 'Sip' Nkabinde opened up about his role.
Actor, Siphiwe 'Sip' Nkabinde opened up about his role.

MR Xavier Xaba, a character from popular telenovela DiepCity, has left viewers baying for his blood.

He tried to rape minor Lungile Jele, played by Luyanda Shezi. Fortunately, her sister Nokuthula, played by Nozuko Ntshangase, arrived just on time.

Mr Xavier is also behind the selling and buying of young girls for sex.

The character is played by Siphiwe Nkabinde, who has spoken out about it.

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“When I auditioned for the role of Mr Xavier, I had no idea that he would turn into this ugly monster. According to the script, Mr Xavier is a decent rich man, but he has silly ways of entertaining himself. I had no problem playing the role,” he recalled.

“But everything changed on set when directors asked if I was wearing my BVD underwear, and I said yes. They explained that the scene required me to be half-naked. The attempted rape scene required me to chase Lungile, wearing only the BVD. I was caught off-guard and felt nervous at the same time,” he shared.

Siphiwe said he was not sure if he would be able to portray Mr Xavier the way they wanted him to.

“I was also not sure how people would receive me after this episode. I also had to consider Luyanda’s feelings.”

The episode left viewers fuming, with many ready to strangle Mr Xavier.

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“I’m glad it made people feel the way they did. For me, it means I did a good job, which is important. I am also excited that my role opened a debate around the exploitation of young girls. Such topics are hardly shown on TV and when they do get aired, they are vague and unclear. I believe we portrayed it truthfully,” Siphiwe said, adding that he only had a few episodes on DiepCity.

“I have a theatre background but I’ve been on TV productions such as Isibaya and Generations: The Legacy. I am also a dancer, presenter, songwriter, voice coach, model, trainer and teacher,” he said.

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