DJ Zinhle: This season's been amazing!

The last episode in this season of DJ Zinhle’s show will air tomorrow.      Photo from      Instagram
The last episode in this season of DJ Zinhle’s show will air tomorrow. Photo from Instagram

DJ ZINHLE says she’s thankful for an amazing season as her reality show draws to a close.

The last episode of DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected will air on Saturday, 29 October on BET..

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The 38-year-old DJ and entrepreneur from KZN told Daily Sun the season had taught her a lot of things about herself, and she would soon be going back to therapy. “This season has been amazing. There was a lot of growth on the business side and personally,” she said.

“I got to learn a lot of lessons about myself, and I also learnt to be open to other people’s ideas. I’m still on a learning path of not being stubborn when it comes to a lot of situations, as you have seen during this season.

“The biggest highlights of the season were my daughter’s birthday, which you will see in the final episode, my brother’s engagement, uZenzele, and my engagement. Well mine was actually the biggest highlight for my viewers and fans, to be honest.”

Zinhle said seeing the Era team grow was also exciting.

“Viewers got to see the actual work that gets done. The Hair Majesty store was also a highlight,” she said.

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Addressing rumours about her fiance having mentioned a baby, she said she was not having a baby and he was referring to an album he’d be releasing soon.

“The baby Bongani was referring to was his album, which will be dropping soon, so that was what he was talking about.”

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