Durban Gen actress' ancestral calling dilemma!

Nelisiwe Sibiya as Mbali Mthethwa on Durban Gen. Photo from Instagram
Nelisiwe Sibiya as Mbali Mthethwa on Durban Gen. Photo from Instagram

ACTRESS Nelisiwe Sibiya plays the role of a sangoma and medical doctor on Durban Gen.

Now, it looks like life is imitating art as she might also have the ancestral calling.

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The sangoma storyline was introduced after it was announced that would be extending the telenovela’s second season to 2023. The extended season tells the story of the character’s lives five years later, and features Nelisiwe’s character, Mbali, following her calling.

Viewers applauded Nelisiwe for her portrayal of a woman answering her calling without knowing that the issue was affecting her in real life.

She said she recently had to leave set and go home to rest because she was not feeling well as she had an unpaid debt to the ancestors.

“My mother went to train to become a sangoma. She graduated but left it all and became a Christian. Now, I’m paying the price,” she said.

When asked whether she was considering going for the process of ukuthwasa, Nelisiwe said she was still deciding.

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“I really enjoyed this storyline because it reminded me of the reality I face. I also became emotional, drained and exhausted but I enjoyed it a lot. It touches me personally and opens my eyes in many ways,” she said.

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