End of the road for Idols SA

Yanga Sobetwa was the winner of Idols SA in 2018.
Yanga Sobetwa was the winner of Idols SA in 2018.

IT SEEMS like fake news, but it’s the truth!

One of these days, the reality singing competition Idols SA will be gone.

The shocking announcement was made on Sunday, 5 February that the show will end after 19 seasons.

The show’s host Proverb posted online.

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“It’s time to say goodbye, 18 unforgettable seasons. The farewell season of Idols SA is about to happen. This is your last chance to live your dream,” he said.

Gospel singer and TV presenter Khaya Mthethwa, who won Idols SA in 2012, was the first black person to win the show. “It’s sad news. Idols has been a catalyst of incredible talent. People like myself have had incredible careers because of it,” he said.

Khaya said his favourite thing about the show was meeting the production people. “I’ll remember my journey. It was incredible with the people I met and the lessons I learnt. I still work with some of those people in production.”

Yanga Sobetwa won season 14 in 2018.

Idols changed many people’s lives for the better, including mine,” she said.

“I hope a new door will open and there’ll be a new show that will also offer opportunities.”

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She said Idols was not special just to the people on the show. “It was special for the people at home,” she said.

“It was a culture to sit with your family every Sunday. Some of my best memories of bonding are with my family watching the show with them.”

The most recent winner, Thapelo Molomo, said: “Idols has given so many of us hope. The thought of that chapter being closed is not nice. I think it’s sad that Idols employees are losing their jobs.”

He also said he created many good relationships through the show. “The people I met there were the best part of being in the competition. The contestants and the people who worked behind the cameras. I’m sad they won’t have that environment anymore.”

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